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About Us

Web Technologies, Automations and everything in between.

DataCraft is an dynamic and forward-thinking ICT consulting firm and technology provider aimed at providing our clients with the benefits of innovative and cost-effective business solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of information technology.
We synergise a multi-disciplined team that can undertake every aspect of consultancy, web development, database management, installation and ongoing support. It is a team who delivers quickly and efficiently to your every need.
As your business and technology partner, DataCraft works with you to create a competitive advantage using rapidly emerging technologies such as Internet commerce and Intranet tools integrated with the latest business best practices, while always ensuring a flexible yet safe and reliable platform for your information systems that can adapt to ever-changing business priorities.
Our relationship with many of the key technology providers ensures we can offer expert independent advice on the most advantageous networking, hardware and software solutions for your organization.

Whatever the nature of your business, the size of your company, the scope of your IT requirement or your operational and financial demands, DataCraft offers the best professional skills and resources to empower your business to communicate, compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

DataCraft is a company with extensive business analyst capabilities. We are business and IT specialists who believe in incorporating the best IT solutions to meet each organization’s individual business needs. What may be appropriate for one company may not be suitable or cost-effective for another. Therefore, with our team of experts, we can assist you in determining and providing solutions that is best for you!
We will assist you to enhance your business and outsmart your competitors with our business analyst capabilities. Our IT specialists will outline suitable business proposals and present you with technical specs. We will also provide you with free, no-obligation quotes that are most cost-effective to meet your specific requirements.

Our team performs functions that are similar to the activities of business analysts, i.e. experts that have thorough understanding of both IT and business while at the same time have the capability to link these effectively in an organization. Like business analysts, we assess the needs of your organization and provide the "best fit" solutions to meet your unique requirements.
Our team comprises a number of individuals who are experts in their field and together develop customized IT and business solutions that are the most suitable and cost-effective for your specific organization in your specific industry.


DataCraft aims to be one of the leading local Web-based IT solution provider and consultation partner with a competitive positions in the global IT market.

DataCraft is geared towards delivering a wide range of IT services and web-based products to customers, with emphasis on scalability, features and value by leveraging on our deep technological expertise and imaginative creative vision.

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Why Datacraft

Web Technologies, Automations and everything in between.

ICT is a sine qua non for efficiency especially in Business and irrespective of what you do and where you do it, you need some level of automation to make things easier, even if you think you don’t need the publicity a website gives, or you do not run a Hotel, Hospital, School, you definitely keep records somehow and proper analysis will make you know that these records are quite stressful to keep in paper files, imagine the time you spend searching through the archives, We can get you to do that sitting, save yourself the dust, what if there is a fire breakout, oh! Huge loss of data, A simple Backup and restore module on our software can solve all that. You Can Have an entire library in your flash drive as a back up – Close your eyes and Imagine the peace of mind it gives you.


If you have a business that requires some international partnerships, you definitely need a website so as to give your business an international outlook, A popular saying among the e-Business Community goes thus “if your business is not online, it does not exist”.

Some automation of your business processes will be a smart step to take this year, how about training your staff on basic computer applications? Their efficiency adds up to the company success, or don’t you think your office computers will do well in a network -  share printers, share documents,  reduce the stress of walking to another person's computer, monitor the files on your employees’ computers and the business in general. How about your faulty computers? Abandoned? We can get them back and running.

Do you plan to do some strategic Mass SMS advertising in Nigeria? We have over 40 Million GSM and CDMA numbers sorted out by states. You can get your advert sent to people in your target location.

For schools, a digital library will make you the best in town, be the first to get it and run ahead of your competitors because they are definitely planning towards that. How about online registration for students? A school management software? Automated result computing and generation? Imagine having results ready 12 hours after the last exams, Parents checking their wards’ results online? Have a computer lab with many workstations (computers) all in a network? The kids will love it. We have lots of other packages for educational institutions.


Do You plan to start a new Business venture that require some technological backbone, or you plan to expand an already existing business, then we are your best option to getting the best ICT consultancy. We check your business processes, device a cost-effective and automated way to make things that are hitherto difficult easier than you can imagine, train you and supply the software and hardware requirements to get you above competitors. We go with you hand-in-hand all through the process to ensure your business gets a Jump-start, This is not a promise or a sales pitch, it is our Culture.


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Our Services

  • We design

    Website Design

    Simple to Complex Super Interactive Web Portals for School Result checking, e-Banking, Hotel and Air Reservation, Online Store, lots of other web services

  • Software development

    Software Development

    Get a customised software for your business process acceleration. Each available software can further be customised to your specification.

  • networking

    Networks & Security

    Hackers Are Here !, Keep then out of your servers - Get Your networks safe and secure.

  • We design

    Biometric Solutions

    Time & Attendance system, Biometric Access controls, Massive Biometric Data capture and other personalised services

  • Software development

    Secure e-Commerce

    Sell your products with an Online Store, e-School Fees payment for tertiary institutions and Government agencies, mobile payment.

  • networking


    Get all the assistance you need to start up your I.T dependent business or a project - We give you all Hardware, Software, Support and Training required.




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